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Teachers’ Diary

C3 report-5
07 Mar: Introduction of grammar

“You can develop the entirety of grammar by simply making the children more aware of the life of the grammar that is already there when the child has learned to speak.”

16 Jan: The four foundational senses

According to Waldorf Education and the deep study and research on child development at its core, we speak of twelve senses. The main task during the first 7 years of children’s life is to develop the so-called four foundational or inner senses.

Chinese recitation
13 Nov: 金色的瓜樓




11 Nov: 漢字的秘密


27 Oct: Introduction of alphabets

We have just completed a language block, the main aim of which was to introduce the letters of the alphabet in an imaginative and organic way.

26 Sep: The Art of Eurythmy

Eurythmy is a unique feature of the Waldorf pedagogy. It is a formal part of the Waldorf curriculum from grade 1 and up.

18 Sep: In the beginning

In our first block of main lessons, students are introduced to the magic of the two very foundational shapes – straight line and curved line.