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Foundation Year

To a healthy child, playing is not only a pleasurable pastime, but also an absolutely serious activity. Play flows in real earnest out of the child’s entire organism.

– Rudolf Steiner

Foundation Year, for 5 to 6 year olds, is the bridge from kindergarten to primary school years.

Students are gently eased to the rhythm and rigor of formal learning by being grouped with same-aged peers and engaging in crafts and projects that span days.

In our Foundation Year class, the teachers would consciously cultivate:

  • An aesthetic environment that nurtures and does not overstimulate the children’s senses
  • Behaviors and inner qualities worthy of imitation
  • Child-directed free play
  • A breathing rhythm of contraction and expansion between activity and stillness
  • The four foundational senses according to Rudolf Steiner

Our Foundation Year classroom will be a Movable Classroom. First appearing in Scandinavia some 30 years ago, this concept replaces desks and chairs with multipurpose benches and cushions, which students can freely re-arrange for different activities. The endless possibilities and movement help young children focus and learn.