G/F 71-77 Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Who we are


Dr. Julie Peterson

After graduating from a leading Waldorf school in Canberra, Australia, Julie went on to study education, leadership and organisational change.  She is also a qualified teacher in Australia and Hong Kong and has undertaken studies in Waldorf education. Her passion for educational leadership has led her to take up a number of roles in both the public sector and private sector across the UK and Australia.   She has recently settled in Hong Kong with her family.

  • Bachelor of Science (Australian National University), ’02
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (University of Canberra), ’02
  • Masters of Education; Leadership, Policy and Change (Monash University), ’07
  • Head of Learning, Development and Resourcing at the Office of Fair Trading, UK, ’09 – ’14
  • Doctor of Public Health (Flinders University), ’14

Teaching staff for 2018/19

Ana Cecília Barros

Class Teacher for Foundation Year

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Ana has over 30 years of experience as a Waldorf educator in various settings.

  • Worked at Camphill centers in Switzerland, ’86-’91
  • Trained as a Special Education class teacher at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, ’90-‘92
  • Taught at Waldorf kindergarten in Brazil, ’97-’07
  • Class teacher at the oldest Waldorf school in Brazil, ’08-’15
  • Class teacher at a new parents-led Waldorf school, the first to feature movable classrooms in São Paulo, ’15-‘17

Isla Jacquet

Class Teacher for Class I

Isla has over 15 years of teaching experience in Australia with both mainstream and Waldorf qualifications.

  • Graduate Diploma in Education, ’99
  • Classroom teacher and casual relief teacher at various public primary schools in Victoria, ’01 – ’03
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, ’03 – ’06
  • Class teacher for one cycle in a public school’s Waldorf stream, ’07 – ’13
  • Class Teacher at a Waldorf school in Perth, ’14 – ’16
  • Class Teacher at a Waldorf school in Victoria, ’16 – ’18

Philip Beaven

Class Teacher for Class II

Philip began his career as a trained eurythmist and went on to become a Waldorf class teacher.

  • Diploma in Eurythmy, ’75 – ’79
  • Eurythmy, religion, and pottery teacher at a Waldorf school, ’79 – ’83
  • Working in performing arts – eurythmy, dance, acting, puppetry, directing, ’83 – ’03
  • Master of Arts in Advanced Theatre Practice, UK, ’00 – ’01
  • Eurythmy and Theatre teacher at the Academy for Living Movement, Vienna, ’03 – ’08
  • Eurythmy and then class teacher (grades 1 through 8) at the oldest Waldorf school in the UK, ’08 – ’17
  • Director of part time teacher training courses in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, ’12 – ’18

Deepa Ganju

Class Teacher for Class III

Deepa has over 20 years of teaching experience; the latest 6 were spent shepherding a group of children through grade 1 to 6 as a Waldorf class teacher.

  • Masters degree in English literature, ’95
  • English teacher in primary grades at Delhi NCR public schools, ’96-’10
  • Class teacher at the largest Waldorf school in India, ’11-’17

Amrani Chu

Subject Teacher, Chinese

Amrani has taught in a number of alternative schools and education initiatives in Hong Kong in the past 8 years.

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences, ’10
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary), ’12
  • Full time teacher at RTC Gaia School, ’12-’14
  • 3-year Hong Kong Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Program by WECC and RSEFHK, ’13-’16
  • Class Teacher for Grade 1 at a Waldorf education initiative in Hong Kong, ’14-’15

With a keen interest in Anthroposophy and its application in various fields, Amrani has undertaken studies in Grade School teacher courses, drama, Foundational Anthroposophy and International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) course held in Taiwan by the Medical Section of Goetheanum.

Amrani is a nature lover; she enjoys hiking, singing, yoga and meditation practices.

Founding team

Maggie Chan

Co-Founder & Director

  • Brought up and educated in Hong Kong
  • Previously an operations director at a UK-based fashion group. She has strong technical and operational experience in managing complex projects.
  • Maggie became interested in educational theories after the arrival of her daughter. She has taken short courses in Montessori and Waldorf education in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • In her spare time, Maggie enjoys yoga, meditation, and handcraft.

Sharon Tsui

Co-Founder & Director

  • Brought up and educated in Hong Kong and the US
  • Founder of a specialty toy store and an NGO advocating natural parenting practices
  • Previously an investment professional at several private equities and an investment bank
  • Sharon became interested in Waldorf education after a chance visit to a Waldorf kindergarten in Hong Kong. Over time she studied foundational anthroposophy in short courses at Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training (San Francisco) and Emerson College (Guangzhou).
  • Her favorite pastimes are crocheting and cooking.

School Mentors

Ivy Yip

  • Principal of a primary school in Hong Kong.
  • Ivy has over 20 years of experience in teaching and school administration. She also holds master degrees in education, literature, and Christian studies.
  • Ivy is an avid writer of children’s picture books, one of which won an award from Children’s Literature and Culture Association of Hong Kong.

Julie Lam

George Perry

  • Former head of Educational Development at Emerson College UK, a center for Steiner studies.
  • Currently a Senior Educational Associate with Emerson and coordinating its Anthroposophical Foundational Studies program in China.
  • George has over 30 years experience in leading biography workshops and personal development training from an anthroposophical perspective.
  • In his spare time, George likes dancing and collecting crystals.

Graham Kennish

  • Waldorf Steiner teacher with over 45 years of experience.
  • Graham still teaches secondary school Chemistry and Biology main lessons. He travels among Waldorf schools to support class teachers over science and contributes to several teacher training courses. Graham regularly gives talks on Steiner Waldorf education to public and parents.
  • He is also a fully qualified psychotherapist, published author and counsellor.